If you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, I wonder if you can bisque clay on my patio?  It's hot.  Really hot.  Really, Really, Really hot.  lest you think I'm complaining, let me clarify:  I'm whining and being ungrateful.  I'm whining along with everyone else here.  Let's face it--when the heat index exceeds 110, even the most staunch "Minnesota nice" melts!  I'm being ungrateful (even though I have an air conditioner), because my clay won't dry.  Many people up here don't even have an air conditioner.  In the deep winter, I fuss that my clay won't dry because the cold inhibits the evaporation of moisture from my work.  Right now the work won't dry because of the absurdly high humidity level!  I moved up here to get away from that weather junk!  It found me this week.

I loaded the kiln yesterday for a bisque fire.  I also created several new pieces, so in theory I should be able to turn around and do a second bisque fire immediately.  The theory then says that I should be able to do back to back glaze fires before I have to load up my studio and kiln and move to my new home location.  Yep.  I'm moving.  In a couple of weeks.  To a Yurt, on a farm.  Sound Artsy enough for ya?!  Like I said in the title, Never a dull moment!
7/9/2023 01:50:07 am

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