I took a chance and it paid off!  I will be doing the show in Galena, IL in August.  Can't wait to get back into the studio.  (Aiming for at least half a day on Saturday.)
The show in Geneseo went very well.  I won the award for most creative booth!  I had quite a bit of positive feed back about my work and was informed of several shows where my work would fit in well.  It was a great experience.
My awesome system administrator uploaded new photos for me.  They are in the gallery tab.  
Tent is set up (for practice) in the back yard.  Tables and shelves installed.  Most of my pieces are selected.  Nerves are beginning to fray.  Time is flying.  All is as it is.  I do have new pix to post, but they never seem to be in the same place I am when I'm on the computer!
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GJ made this awesome design for my T-shirts!  No wonder his '"unofficial" middle name is  AWESOME!

I'm glazing like crazy right now.  I'll post photos just as soon as I get this next kiln load unloaded.
Well Folks, here we go!  I'm going public, coming out of the closet, unveiling, peeling the outer layers.  I'm taking my Art "public"!  Stay tuned.......