It has been awhile!  I've decided to add some of my cake work to my gallery.  (I am always creating...just not always in clay!)  I will add some photos of some of my new clay work in the near future.  My newest clay pieces are exploring a new direction!  Still leaves, but more of an actual picture.  
The AltaredArtist is branching out...but that should come as no surprise to just about anyone!  I've been decorating cakes for quite awhile, and am now being paid as a "professional".  My best works are always those where I am free to express my creativity, so while I do get paid regularly by a corporation to produce delightful cakes, I also get paid privately to create amazing cakes!  I will be posting some of those creations here, on my site.  Please enjoy looking at them--and certainly feel free to commission one of these fun (and delicious!) hand crafted pieces of art!